Sightlines by Kathleen Jamie


Kathleen Jamie

An astonishing, beautifully written account of the effect that nature has on our lives, both through the world in which we live, and the world that lives within us. This book is lyrical, insightful, offering explanations of our world and the way we live that are thought-provoking in their intensity. Everyone should read it.


The baby days are over. My son is old enough to have his own mobile phone and be droll. Later I sent him a text, 'Saw 5 killer whales', and he came back 'Not bad for a day's work!' He can look me level in the eye now, and laugh and say: 'In three years I'll be able to get married! Drive a car!' 'Fine,' I reply. 'But first you can pick your dirty underpants up off the floor.'

  • In Another Light by Andrew Greig
  • Cathures by Edwin Morgan
  • The Colour of Black and White by Liz Lochhead

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