The Emergence of Judy Taylor

by Angela Jackson

Judith is married with a good job and a nice house. Then, a cancer scare triggers a complete re-think and, to the consternation of her husband, family and friends, she makes a life-changing decision. A sensitive story of first loves and second chances, and one which will strike a chord with many readers!


'I just feel as if I'm wasting my life a bit, really. I feel like I'm stuck on some treadmill - I know that's a cliché but its true, I do.'
'We all feel like that sometimes, though, Jude. Is it serious enough to leave everything behind? Not just Oliver, but everything.'
'What everything?'
'Well, your friends, for a start.'
'I don't mean ... I know I have friends here, but it's not like I'm moving to another planet. I'm just moving away from here. We'll still see each other.'
'Jude, I don't know where this has come from but can you not just ride it out for a bit? Most people feel like this at some point, but then they knuckle down again. It's not unusual. It passes.'


Gaining Ground by Joan Barfoot
Small Changes by Marge Piercy
Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler

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