First Spring Grass Fire

by Rae Spoon

I was moved by childhood memories so obviously drawn from real experience that their pain is palpable. Rae grew up gay in a strict religious and conservative atmosphere with an abusive schizophrenic father. But this is no misery memoir. With the help of strong family members and music, her greatest support, I was sure she could fight to thrive and grow. Rae and her book are inspirations for young people struggling with identity issues today.


A while later I heard footsteps. It was the Voyageur camp leader who played the acoustic guitar. She had a big smile on her face. 'What is this?' she asked.
'My fort,' I whispered.
'What are you doing in there?' she asked.
'Hiding,' I said.
She paused and knelt beside me. I laid my head down on the moss.
'You know that song we sing at Voyageur Girls? It means that God is always with you. So whatever you're hiding from, He can help you face it.'
I said nothing.
'It's almost lunch time,' she said. 'You should come back to the camp.' Then I heard her steps recede as she walked away
Why would God make me like this I thought. and where can I hide from growing up?


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