The Well and the Mine by Gin Phillips

The Well and the Mine

Gin Phillips

The unusual and intriguing title reflects the plot's originality well. It is an uplifting story, despite its rather dark setting in 1930's Alabama during the Depression. The Moore family, headed by Albert and Leta, and their children Virgie, Tess and Jack, each take a turn at narrating the story. The juxtaposition of the adult voices with those of the children provides an equal dose of realism and innocence in this tale of hope and love.

Of course we didn't know what it was to be hungry. Not really hungry. With Papa having land, food was never hard to come by. At least not for us kids - we just ate whatever Mama sat in front of us, after she and Papa had sweated and labored to get it out of the ground and clean it and can it and cook it. No meat, but with Mama's cooking you never noticed what wasn't on the table.
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