So Lucky by Nicola Griffith

So Lucky

Nicola Griffith

This story offers the reader a real opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes. Mara, a lesbian is suddenly upended by a life-changing diagnosis - Multiple Sclerosis. The author, who also has MS, paints a convincing picture of a strong woman who suddenly becomes invisible – and is no longer perceived as a respected woman by the rest of the world. A different take on a tale of triumph over adversity.

It began to rain. I tried to stay calm. I knew this trap. It was like my the first self-defence lessons: What if the man has a knife? And when instructor had shown me how to defend against a knife, I wanted to know, What if he has a gun? After she addressed that, I asked, What if there are three of them? At which point she laughed and told me that she had no idea how to defend against a tank or a nuclear missile, either and if I thought learning self-defence could ensure perfect safety, I should ask for my money back. There was no such thing. There was always someone bigger, faster, better armed than you. Learn what you can, then improvise.
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