A Town Called Immaculate by Peter Anthony

A Town Called Immaculate

Peter Anthony

A haunting, but warm-hearted story of a family at odds with the past, set against a harsh and wintery backdrop. Themes of loyalty, truth, honour and most importantly love, weave in and out and characters young and old have their crosses to bear. The twists and turns reveal, not only hidden turmoil, but a few surprises too and the battle against the elements is nothing compared to the personal demons all have to face.


She was a tireless woman, modest and calm, but wherever she went in Immaculate, eyes followed. Men and women both hated and loved her, simply because she was beautiful . . . Before she married Ray Marak, nearly every man in town had dreams of being with her and many pursued her while Ray was in Vietnam, but they gave up hope when she left for university in Minnesota . . . from the pocket of her bathrobe she pulled out a notebook and made a summation of expenditures, sighing as she wrote, and shaking her head as the total grew. It was Christmas Eve, and she suspected it would be the last one the family would spend on the farm.

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