Of Things Gone Astray by Janina Matthewson

Of Things Gone Astray

Janina Matthewson

A novel of loosely connected stories in which someone has lost something - the keys on a piano, a place of work and more. Jumping between the stories, the inventive and original ideas were a constant surprise. If you can get your head round a woman turning into a tree then you'll probably find much to enjoy here.


Will Gowan and Jeff Brown lost a fight. Both boys knew where it was when they left their respective houses. They walked confidently towards it, flanked by their gangs. They met a block away from the fight's last known location, but pretended not to notice each other. Their gangs didn't pretend not to notice each other, they scowled and glowered for all they were worth.
Two crowds of boys headed down opposite sides of the street until they reached the same corner, the corner around which the fight was.
It wasn't there.
For the first time, the leaders looked at each other.
'Where is it?' said Will
'Have we lost it?' said Jeff
'We can't both have lost it,' said Will.
But they had.

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