Every Day, Every Hour by Natasa Dragnic

Every Day, Every Hour

Natasa Dragnic

This passionate and overly dramatic love story begins when frail 5 year old Luka faints when he first sees precocious 2 year old Dora who revives him with a declaration of love and a kiss. Unfortunately for a novel whose success hinges on the lead characters’ chemistry, Luka is annoyingly indecisive compared to Dora’s forceful proactive nature. An undemanding read with clever linguistic features, hyperbolic language, and unashamed romanticism.

Life is gone. The past and the future. No more barefoot walks. No more ice cream. It's too late. Nothing and no one can be kept safe any longer. Their eyes, hundreds of miles from each other, stare silently at nothing for hours, until they begin to ache. Nevertheless they don't move them. They don't want to pretend that they're not afraid, that they're not alone. Abandoned, destroyed. Completely. Everything gone. Never to return. No more secret home. No more shared home together, who could bear it. Nothing is real anymore. From this day forward everything will be forgotten. Must be forgotten. As if it had never happened. Only memories, unwelcome memories. That ache. Over. Everything. No more Luka. And Dora. No more Dora. No more world. No curtain. No bow. No more waiting. No hope. Dead. Forever and ever. Deaddeaddeaddeaddeaddeaddeaddeaddead.
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