Bad Traffic by Simon Lewis

Bad Traffic

Simon Lewis

A senior Chinese policeman, with one very unwilling 19 year old illegal as his only helper, takes on a gang of human traffickers. Very highly recommended not only for a fast, nailbiting plot but for the comedy and tragedy resulting from the two men's views of each other and of England.

How could a great car make you sob? But the peasant had to be jollied along.
'Don't worry about it. Your mother is fine, you're fine. I'll get you back, you can save up and one day buy one of these.'
The snotty sobs irritated Jian. As if he didn't have enough to deal with of his own. At least the lad hadn't watched a film of his daughter being killed. His hands tightened on the wheel and he pushed the accelerator. A box on the side of the road flashed.
'That was a camera,' said Ding Ming, 'They took a picture. They know where we are.'
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