Going Under by Ray French

Going Under

Ray French

I defy you not to care about the outcome when Aidan Walsh resists the closure of his Welsh factory by burying himself in his back garden. Funny, moving, unpredictable, never sentimental and with lots to say about families and friendship as well as about life under New Labour.

They sang 'My Little Welsh Home, 'Land of My Fathers', 'We'll Keep a Welcome', 'Men of Harlech', and 'Ar Hyd Y Nos'.
'Which you might know better as "All Through the Night"'.
Which Aidan had always hated, till now. He wiped away the tears running down his cheeks and swore he would learn Welsh when he got out of the coffin. It was an absolute disgrace to be so ignorant of the language. He would join a choir too and fully embrace his heritage.
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