Someone to Run With by David Grossman

Someone to Run With

David Grossman

Sixteen year old Assaf has a summer job at Jerusalem City Hall. His boss asks him to find the owner of a stray dog: by letting the dog off the leash and following it. Dinka leads Assaf through Jerusalem where he finds a world of drugs and violence - and his first love. He wonders, like us, who Tamar really is. A girl with the voice of an angel who cuts off all her hair and chooses live on the streets. Slow to start, you will care a lot about the fate of Tamar, Assaf (and Dinka).


'You don't cheat Pesach. Do we understand each other?' For a split second Tamar saw what Shai had been talking about, the quick, almost undetectable metamorphosis between the two completely different people inside him. 'Not that no one has ever tried.' His smile widened a millimetre; his cold eyes pierced her, deep into her soul, into the darkness of her secret. 'There's always one smart-ass who thinks he will be the first to succeed.'

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