Seconds Out by Martin Kohan

Seconds Out

Martin Kohan

This book covers almost every subject of importance - including life, death, immortality, winning, losing, reality, love, art and memory - within the framework of Jack Dempsey's 17 seconds' knockout from a New York boxing ring in 1923. Quite simply the most amazing novel I have ever read. Viva Argentina.

But now, Verani insisted, trying to convince Ledesma he was right, they were in a position to establish the connection that had inexplicably gone unnoticed through all the intervening days and years: the connection between the death at the City Hotel and the Firpo-Dempsey fight. By bringing togther these two events they could link cause and effect, and so solve the problem that had eluded the investigators at the time. After fifty years, no less. As Verani said: a whole lifetime.
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