The House of Rumour by Jake Arnott

The House of Rumour

Jake Arnott

This esoteric novel draws on many classic historic, pop culture and sci-fi cult references. It is a challenge at times, as the pace and rhythms of the chapters diverge with subplots, ‘disinformation’ and conspiracies. I enjoyed the references to David Bowie, and Ian Fleming amongst its cast of many.


And yet he had been weightless for decades. Ever since his flight. He had never quite landed, never quite made it back to terra firma. His had been a long, slow orbit, a continuous fall. And just as Speer bestrode the earth, he had continued to look to the heavens. Each person has his journey through life; his was across the sky. And so he had developed this hobby, an obsession with the space race. He had corresponded with NASA and they had even sent him some star charts, maps and photographs of the moon. Of course many of their top scientists were old colleagues really, party members some of them. Oh yes, it was the Germans who conquered space.

  • Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
  • The Magnus by John Fowles

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