A Method Actor's Guide to Jekyll and Hyde by Kevin MacNeil

A Method Actor's Guide to Jekyll and Hyde

Kevin MacNeil

Anyone who has the opportunity to read this book, and doesn't take it, is really missing out on something wonderful. It sent me back to the original Jekyll and Hyde and it is difficult to work out which story is the more weird and disturbing. Kevin MacNeil turns the spotlight of his poetic imagination onto a story that we all think that we know so well, and creates a modern, horrific tale of identity, envy and malice. Brilliant.

Today in rehearsal, everyone's voices had changed when I came up close. Were they talking about me? Plotting to get rid of me? I just went up to them and said, 'Whatcha talking about?' Eyes darted to eyes darted to shoes.
'Oh, um.' said Drew, all stinking of salt and vinegar. 'Harris reckons every babe is born with blue eyes. Every single baby.'
'Course they are,' said Harris.
'That's kittens you're thinking of, Einstein,' said Juliette.
I knew they hadn't been talking about babies and cats. Liars, all of them.
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