Mathilda Savitch by Victor Lodato

Mathilda Savitch

Victor Lodato

Written in Mathilda’s teenage voice, this is her very candid account of trying to come to terms with her sister’s death and its aftermath. While on her ‘island of grief’ she searches for the truth as well as negotiating life, which ultimately leads to her finding herself. Her matter-of-fact, and sometimes bitingly humorous, observations and actions come across as simplified, but at the same time enlightening. A bold read.


Why does she have to say my name like that? Why does she have to say my name at all? I know she'd rather be saying someone else's name. I know she wishes it was another girl standing in the room. Instead it's me standing here, and I'll be standing here for as long as Ma lives. The wrong daughter forever. I know what's in Ma's heart. It's a black thing, worse than wolves. Inventing the ghost of Helene is just giving her what she wants. And if it sends her over the edge, what do I care? She's already leaning over the cliff. She's practically begging someone to push her.

  • Imperfect Birds: A Novel by Anne Lamott
  • Anthropology of an American Girl: A Novel by Hilary Thayer Hamann
  • The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger

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