Affinity by Sarah Waters


Sarah Waters

This book is a masterpiece and you get so much for your money! - love story, ghost story, social history lesson, and it has you gripped to the last page - I was riveted.

28 October 1874 To Millbank. It is only a week since my last visit, but the mood of the prison has shifted, as if with the season, and it is a darker and more bitter place now, than ever. The towers seemed to have grown higher and broader, and the windows to have shrunk; the very scents of the place seemed to have changed, since I was last there -the grounds smelling of fog and of chimney smoke as well as of sedge, and the wards reeking of nuisance-buckets still, of cramped and unwashed hair and flesh and mouths, but also of gas, and rust,and sickness.
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