The Deposition of Father McGreevy by Brian O'Doherty

The Deposition of Father McGreevy

Brian O'Doherty

This is a challenging book, but stick with it and you'll be rewarded by a memorable and thought-provoking read. A tale of death, isolation and war. The struggle of an Irish priest with his tiny flock to protect and help. O'Doherty weaves so many threads together to build the bleak tension of this story layer by layer.


The well dressed fellow held out a sheet of paper to me. Seamus and Oweneen, who had blood running down his face, were talking all at once. 'They're here to dig up the graves, Father, and to take the bodies away. Before they do that they'll have to kill the lot of us. No one is laying a finger on those graves. Will you talk to them for God's sake?'
'Steady on!' I said, 'Steady on!' I read the paper. It said EXHUMATION ORDER order on the top and it was signed by Dr Kieven McKenna, Coroner.

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