A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees by Clare Dudman

A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees

Clare Dudman

Silas sees the hostile desert too clearly to share Edwyn's faith in Patagonia - a heaven-sent New Wales. But 7,000 miles from the old Wales, he and his family have no choice but to persevere. With Yeluc, the Tehuelche Indian who watches over the colony's first steps, compassion binds us to this fragile community who speak the tongue of heaven but suffer, grieve and endure on earth.


'Yes, ffrindiau, Yr Wales is the start of great things - God's kingdom on earth. I am sure that is what the dream was telling me. If only we persevere we will one day be a great nation - a people with power and influence.'
Silas folds his arms. Despite himself he is a little impressed at the drama of it all. Is it possible that the Lord has chosen them? That somehow they can make a great nation from a desert? He shakes the idea from his head. No, it's just words. That's all they are, words without meaning. They change nothing. He glances at Selwyn who nods back: do not expect too much.

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