The Girl who Fell from the Sky by Simon Mawer

The Girl who Fell from the Sky

Simon Mawer

An exciting wartime adventure about a Special Operations Executive agent. Authenticity is ensured by the use of real historical characters and an extra dimension - an exploration of fear and trust. Can you rely on strangers? How well do you know your friends colleagues even family, and can you truly trust them? Do you know who you are? I wanted Marian's mission to succeed but feared for her in the hostile surroundings of occupied France.

She retreats to Madeleine's room. For the first time she is afraid, truly afraid. Not the momentary fear of anticipating a parachute jump, or standing before a barrage and waiting to be searched, or finding that a man is tailing you through the streets of Paris. Not fear of something. Just fear, like a disease, a growth, thick and putrid, wedged behind her breastbone. Fear in each breath and each heartbeat. Fear rising up her oesophagus and souring the back of her mouth so that she finds herself swallowing a lot. Fear of what might happen, of what might be happening at this very moment while she sits, as helpless as an invalid, on the bed.
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