Mr Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

Mr Shivers

Robert Jackson Bennett

A creepy suspense story of revenge which is set in the Great Depression in America. A fitting background for a sinister and chilling horror thriller which touches on the dark nature of mankind.

A red eye opened on Pike's cheek and his head snapped back and he fell in a heap. He stared up at the gray sky, forever perplexed at the way the world was developing. Smoke drifted out of his nose and mouth and the eye above the bullethole sank in and filled with blood. One hand twitched as the wiring in his damaged brain fought to process information before giving up and going dark.
Connelly looked at both of them, then checked the rounds in the gun. He put the gun back in the waist of his pants and then stripped them both of their coats and put them on. Then he continued up the trail.
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