Who They Was by Gabriel Krauze

Who They Was

Gabriel Krauze

Nineteen year old student Gabriel indulges in extreme violence and crime ‘just for the fun of it’. The prison scenes are particularly brutal. I found this a difficult read not just for the content, but also for the dialect used. Having said that, there are some beautiful descriptive passages. It is worth the effort required to enter this other world - if only for as long as it takes to read the book. A debut novel and an author to watch.


And she screams. She sees me - or just my eyes and a bit of mouth through three holes in the black bally I’m wearing … no chance of this being silent and unnoticed so I grab her anyway, my arm pushing into her throat as I turn her round and hold her tight against my chest and Gotti is trying to pop the Cartier off her wrist but he can’t for some reason …. and now the pounding in my heart and belly is fully gone because we’re actually doing it, nothing else exists in this moment, every thing is still and calm inside me …






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Explicit sexual Content