The Possessions of Doctor Forrest by Richard T Kelly

The Possessions of Doctor Forrest

Richard T Kelly

Apprehension and growing menace pervade the diaries and letters of Dr Forrest's friends, recounting his disappearance. Hints of a harrowing conclusion are confirmed by his own chilling narrative. It won't spoil the plot to say that this is a modern version of the Faustian bargain complete with horror and perversion. If you don't believe in evil or the Devil, this book may change your mind. Read it alone, late at night, for best effect.

It was as if a deathly sickness had suddenly and gloriously flowered. The depraved sensation was so strong I wanted to cram a fist into my mouth - that it had been done like so, the sheer violation of it, the wanton exercise of power, that daemonic gift.
I turned back to Her and Her mouth was a line.
'Leave now. The rest is mine.'

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