The Passage by Justin Cronin

The Passage

Justin Cronin

Down in the Bolivian jungle, something very nasty stirs .... Meanwhile, FBI agents Wolgast and Doyle are on a strange mission - to kidnap a harmless-looking little girl. This is an epic read with a huge cast, taking us into a scary, apocalyptic future. An easy, literate page turner, perfect for a holiday when there’s time to indulge. If you get hooked into Cronin's world, this is just the first of a trilogy so plenty of treats in store.

Wolgast slept, now, on the first floor of the lodge, in a chair facing the door. They move at night, Carl had told him, in the trees. You get one shot. What were they, these things in the trees? Were they people, as Carter had once been a person? What had they become? And Amy, Amy, who dreamed of voices, whose hair did not grow, who seemed rarely to sleep - for it was true, he'd realized she was only pretending - or to eat; who could read and swim as if she was remembering lives and experiences other than her own: was she part of them too? The virus was inert, Fortes had said. What if it wasn't? Wouldn't he, Wolgast, be sick? But he wasn't; he felt just as he'd always felt, which was, he realized, simply bewildered, like a man in a dream, lost in a landscape of meaningless signs; the world had some use for him he didn't understand.
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