The Hungry and the Fat by Timur Vermes

The Hungry and the Fat

Timur Vermes

A book dealing with one of the modern world’s greatest problems: the refugee crisis. As politicians argue, can one female TV celebrity find a solution? Great contrasting characters, the kind, the wicked, the organised, the indecisive and the incompetent. Brilliantly descriptive and colourful language. A long continual emotional rollercoaster but very well worth the effort in understanding the desperation of refugees.

'As a woman you’ve always got to be a bit better than the men,' she once told Evangeline, but as ever there was no trace of bitterness there, only real enthusiasm for the challenge. This is so typical of Nadeche Hackenbusch. Always a good person, a role model but a woman too. Over the past few days, however, even she has had to acknowledge the limits of what a human being can endure. In the heart of Africa she is suddenly facing her greatest, her darkest nightmare.
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  • Hand me Down World by Lloyd Jones
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