Mr Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt

Mr Chartwell

Rebecca Hunt

Mr Chartwell takes the form of an anthropomorphic black dog. But this is no cute shaggy dog story. The 'black dog' in question is the metaphor used by Winston Churchill when referring to his depression. This unique and absurdly witty novel takes on a serious subject, and the level at which you read it from will depend on the extent you empathise with this condition.

Churchill's legs were weighed down intolerably, Black Pat draped over his knees and thighs. The hot, bristly torso was contorted in a way that wasn't comfortable for either of them, the animal stench almost physical at such close range.
Black Pat would not be roused. He wasn't asleep; he was in a state of sullen hypnosis, silently waiting. Churchill couldn't shake him off, the dog heavier than he could bodily move. He was trapped underneath, imprisoned in a maroon armchair.
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