An Expensive Education by Nick McDonell

An Expensive Education

Nick McDonell

An African village is bombed and the entire population is massacred. CIA agent, Michael Teak, is implicated, but is he the target or the scapegoat? Nothing can be believed or trusted in this dangerous world of elite intelligence agents, high-flying academics and ambitious ivy-leaf college students. You will be whirled along by this fast paced thriller that moves with the speed of a bullet.

Flattening himself against the side of the garage, Teak looked around the corner to the hut by the gate. A young guard in a faded Intersec cap sat reading a Bible under a buzzing fluorescent light. Leaning against the wall by his feet was a pump-action shotgun.
Teak moved quickly but quietly up behind the guard, who didn't notice his presence until the final moment. As the guard turned around Teak knocked him in the temple with the blow-torch tank. The Bible fell closed next to the shotgun.
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