Pastworld by Ian Beck


Ian Beck

This novel cleverly evokes the past amidst a futuristic dystopia - imagine Victorian London recreated as a theme park. Eve is unaware that she lives in a simulation, Bible J knows it's all a sham devised for gullible gawkers and visitor Caleb feels drawn in by the intoxicating atmosphere. As their paths connect the reader is catapulted into a steam punk style SF thriller blending romance and mystery with true Dickensian menace.

People visit Pastworld for a variety of reasons. For most it is a trip into the past to experience a way of life and an atmosphere of free and rumbustious living that, until Pastworld's completion, all but vanished. The great city of London was chosen, after the apocalyptic financial meltdown at the start of the new century, to be 'reverted'. The city was retro-fitted and restored to the condition of its great Victorian heyday.
Travellers though should be aware of all legal anomalies and pitfalls. The Buckland Corporation turned back the legal clock too. Old statutes were brushed off and brought back ....
A man, woman, boy or girl can be hanged for certain crimes, and this brings a frisson of danger to daily life. It's irresistible to some visitors, risk takers, thrill seekers or voyeurs.
There are those who would enjoy watching capital punishment carried out in front of them. There are those who would pay to watch the Ripper disembowel a victim or two, or who wish to witness any number of brutal and psychotic events. Look for instance at the popularity of the bootleg murder tours ....
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