The Hummingbird Saint by Hector Macdonald

The Hummingbird Saint

Hector Macdonald

If you're looking for a pleasant, easy read - then choose something else. This has a good story, which seems a bit fragmented at first, an interesting plot and clearly drawn characters. You could, however, find yourself drawn into considering questions of morality and ethics - your own or those of the characters. A thought provoking book but these thoughts may not be ones that you want to encourage.

With dreams of a house in Spain and a champagne lifestyle, Freddy was after a straight million. Quite a charitable contribution to expect in one bite. Whereas I didn't care if I had to wait on tables, crew yachts or operate ski lifts for the rest of my life, Freddy had made up his mind that work was for other people. I suppose, to his credit, he was honest about it. But his greed was the single biggest danger I foresaw in our uneasy alliance.
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