The Fates Will Find Their Way by Hannah Pittard

The Fates Will Find Their Way

Hannah Pittard

When 16-year-old Nora Lindell goes missing at Halloween it affects her male contemporaries for the rest of their lives. None can resist speculating on her fate. These imaginings form the greater part of the novel and one of the challenges for the reader is that it’s sometimes difficult to separate reality from fiction. The minutiae of life for the group and the atmosphere of a small Midwest town is utterly convincing. A brilliant novel!

But it would be a lie to pretend that every one of us - alone finally, that last night of childhood, that last night before leaving for college - didn't close our eyes, perhaps in unison even, and imagine Nora Lindell. We closed our eyes, and we imagined both Nora and ourselves, ten years, twenty years from now. We imagined houses and cars and maybe even children. We imagined her there with us, more beautiful than our wives, more aloof, more tender, more kind. We imagined her future and our own. We closed our eyes and fell asleep to Nora Lindell, alive and happy. In the morning we advanced to adulthood, relieved at last of childhood fantasies.
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