The Black Madonna by Peter Millar

The Black Madonna

Peter Millar

An exciting adventure with an historical, archaeological and religious background and an unusual Palestinian heroine. Part of the intrigue is trying to decide who is a good guy and who is a baddie. The plot travels from east to west and the atmospheric and detailed descriptions are well done particularly in Germany and Spain - and there is a brilliant denouement in the Great Court of the British Museum.


The object in the plastic bag was fleshy, lobed, and she realised with an unmistakable creeping horror, bloody. But that horror was as nothing to that which exploded an instant later as she realised what she was holding in her hand. Immediately, convulsively, Sister Galina committed an act of wholly unintentional sacrilege: she threw up into the silver chalice.

  • Any title by Dan Brown
  • The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

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