About the Author by John Colapinto

About the Author

John Colapinto

Cal Cunningham is a great comic creation - a nasty, conniving little creep, but somehow you are on his side. It seems that every attempt that he makes to get himself out of trouble only mires him further in an unspeakable mess. And it could not happen to a more deserving person - except, that is, most of the other sleazeball characters in the book, of whom there are many. Enjoy, and be glad that you are not Cal Cunningham.

Storm clouds lowered over the mountains to the east. I was reminded of my first visit to New Halcyon. Once again, I was in danger of exposure; once again, I was pitted against Stewart in a struggle for survival. For a time I had allowed myself to believe that I had become him. No longer. I was myself again, Cal Cunningham: the wily, desperate character living by his wits, covering his slime trail even as he inched forward into his uncertain fogged future.
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