The Deer Wedding by Penny Simpson

The Deer Wedding

Penny Simpson

A short novel set in Croatia and spanning 50 years. Short chapters are relayed by multiple narrators, all trying to reconcile their current situation with events from the past, Linking all these characters is artist, Antun Fiskovic. The atmosphere of hatred and suspicion during the various conflicts is well done as is the stirring of optimism conveyed by the resurgence of interest in the work of Croatia’s creative genius.

My father died before I was born, so hearing him speak shocks and intrigues me. Zdenka pushes her crazy curls back from her face and looks over. 'I didn't know about it, Dagmar. Honestly, I didn't know.' She puts her hand on my shoulder and gives me a little shake. 'Are you okay?'
No, I want to reply, but I can't.
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