The Man of Feeling by Javier Marias

The Man of Feeling

Javier Marias

An opera singer meets, falls for and then steals another man's wife. This passion brings companionship into his lonely life travelling Europe from concert to concert. For those who like slow, thoughtful fiction and meditations on the nature of how we love.

I talked to Natalia Manur (and therefore to Dato) about my sad, solitary childhood; about my then unhealthy plumpness, which had brought me so much mockery and heartache (another view of the world); about my wretched and always abject relationship with my godfather, Senor Casaldaliga, who took me in on the death of my mother - his cousin - and of whom I have always suspected that he might be, as well as my godfather and second cousin, my ashamed and unconfessed father.
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