Shake Off by Mischa Hiller

Shake Off

Mischa Hiller

A novel set in the smoke and mirrors world of the Palestine Liberation Organisation and the Israeli Mossad. Michel, the PLO operative, is an orphan survivor of the Sabra Refugee Camp massacre and much of the novel tells of his recruitment and training before being sent to London on a secret mission. A novel in the traditional of spy thrillers, it will particularly appeal to readers who enjoy the minutia of espionage tradecraft.


'What about the case? Was he bringing the case back? I asked, thinking of the papers that were supposed to come back to Abu Leila.

'The case, the case? Did you hear what I said, you cowardly shit? They've got Ramzi. Do you understand? Do you know what they do to people in prison?'

I knew exactly what they did to people in prison, I'd heard the reports; it had even been in the English newspapers. I needed to know what had happened to the case though.

  • Sabra Zoo by Mischa Hiller
  • The Little Drummer Girl by John Le Carre

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