One More Stop by Lois Walden

One More Stop

Lois Walden

Loli is travelling the States, successfully stimulating disaffected school children into producing creative writing. She has been somewhat less successful over the years in coming to terms with her own personal relationships with her parents and often absent lover Simone. A first person narrative in which I initially had to adjust to the explicit sexual references but I became very absorbed and as keen as Loli to make sense of her troubled life.

I am so excited. And she is ... a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. Look at that luscious upper lip, peaches and cream complexion, think, beautiful hair. My nephew would give up the yellow race for her. She is magnificent; a little bit overweight. Who cares. Look at that sexy scar above her lip ... and look at her ... breasts. Beautiful. I wish Simone had breasts like that. Simone. What about Simone? Slow down, Loli. Make contact. Say something. ‘Hello.’
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Explicit sexual content