A Bit of Difference by Sefi Atta

A Bit of Difference

Sefi Atta

Della is an independent-minded single woman with strong views reminiscent of Austen’s heroines, working in two different worlds and feeling like a fish out of water in each. The pressure to conform to societal expectations - marry well and raise children or follow the career path, reflects the common reality of most women’s lives in any modern cosmopolitan world. Della's is an engaging and witty commentary on similarities between cultures.

It is almost parental the way Deola considers what she can bring up about her experiences as a Nigerian in England. She wants to tell her white friends in England that Nigerians are as prejudiced as the English, and more snobbish. Nigerians, given any excuse, are ready to snub. Without provocation and even remorse. They snub one another, snub other Africans, other blacks and other races. Nigerians would snub aliens if they encountered aliens.
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