All the Rage by Paul Magrs

All the Rage

Paul Magrs

Meet Debbie Now, in 1981 she was a member of Things Fall Apart, and on the crest of pop stardom. When Tim meets her 20 years on she is working in her Mom's restaurant! This enjoyable and funny insight into the world of manufactured pop is essential reading if you remember Bucks Fizz and the early eighties. If you don't, read this and be amazed! This is how it really was!


In Borders she fetched down the 'Guiness Book of Hit Singles' and found the page with all her entries. There was a sizable list of the hits Things Fall Apart had had in the late seventies and early eighties. Bigger than I'd remembered. And there was her writing credit, on each and every one.

  • Powder by Kevin Sampson
  • Bad Girls, Good Women by Rosie Thomas

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