On Loving Josiah by Olivia Fane

On Loving Josiah

Olivia Fane

This novel will make you laugh and cry and also question your moral stance. It’s the story of a young boy, Josiah, growing up without parents, escaping the clutches of well-meaning social workers and eventually forming a relationship with a Cambridge don. An interest in classical literature will add to the enjoyment but it's not essential. Strong characterisation and a very satisfying conclusion all add up to a worthwhile and enjoyable read.

... Dr Thomas Marius spent the week justifying, normalising, and occasionally glorifying his relationship with the young Josiah. So he read reams of Greek and Latin literature, quite often spending his evenings in the Corpus library. In the spring term he was giving a series of lectures on Marcus Aurelius and Stoic philosophy, and he saw no reason not to get to grips with Aurelius' love letters to his tutor. To be both wise and capable of love was beginning to seem to Thomas a perfect pathway through this life, for a life without feeling was meaningless.
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