Little Egypt by Lesley Glaister

Little Egypt

Lesley Glaister

Sometimes I find it hard to decide what I'm looking for most in a book - a strong plot, engaging characters or a theme that simply strikes a chord - this story has all three by the spadeful. Switching between the present day and the 1920s, more than blood alone binds twins, Isis and Osiris, to their dilapidated mansion. An inventive and atmospheric novel whose grim humour is a hair's breadth away from the grotesque.

He put down his spoon and swallowed. I heard the hard click in his throat, and then he pushed his chair back and went out of the kitchen, and I listened to the creaking as he went back upstairs. I didn't know what to say or do. He was only doing what he thought was best for Mary, I understand that, and I knew I should not blame him, though it made me sick. At that moment I could easily have hated him, If he hadn't looked so scared I would have hated him. He had ruined everything.
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