The Convent by Panos Karnezis

The Convent

Panos Karnezis

Just what sort of a miracle is the baby found outside a remote Spanish convent? One that allows for a gentle but inexorable examination of belief, passion, ambition, bigotry, kindness and diplomacy and other, all too human, traits. The Convent is a remarkable novel but not, perhaps, for those that would prefer doctrine to remain accepted rather than examined. Would make a great reading group title.


Next to her bed in the cradle she had just finished making, the child lay wrapped in a blanket. Sister Maria Ines observed him with grateful eyes and repeated in her mind that she would devote herself to him and to God; and she would become someone else. At long last she could say that she ought not to be burdened with the sin of her youth any more - but it was not for her to decide.

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