Balancing on the Edge of the World by Elizabeth Baines

Balancing on the Edge of the World

Elizabeth Baines

The characters in this collection of short stories are all striving hard for some personal, business or family connection with someone. The overall feeling is for people settling for what they can get rather than for the ideal outcome they desired. The settings vary from city centre to remote countryside. All are beautifully described. In short, a very short but perfect collection!

Where were they? Leaping, then slipping, the man could not find them. Going back, the way was much harder. Hiding the view now, the dunes seemed much deeper.
He called. Where were they?
He called again.

Red legs flailing, the child hung and flapped like a feathery prawn.
The tide could sweep around.
They could
They could
could fall
fall and tumble

She would prove it.
One day she would push
and have done.

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