Into a Raging Blaze by Andreas Norman

Into a Raging Blaze

Andreas Norman

Carina should never have accepted the USB from the mysterious Jean. Its contents open a can of very nasty worms and the idealistic young civil servant is soon running for her life. When agents from MI6 and the CIA turn up, she also discovers it’s not a good idea to have a boyfriend called Jamal… An authentic, convincing read and more than a bit scary.

She shouldn’t be in possession of this information. But now she was, she couldn’t pretend it didn’t exist. She felt a strange, sucking sensation in her stomach and got up to pace around the room. A new European intelligence service. She worked in the Security Policy Department, she had worked day in, day out on European foreign policy, yet she hadn’t heard anything about this. Not even a hint. It didn’t make sense. A giant like that couldn’t just slip under the radar. Secrets always spread through Brussels. The biggest secrets got to be known by everyone, sooner or later – it was a city of whispers. Somewhere there had to be more information: minuted conversations, notes, preliminary studies. Jean knew more. But where could she find him?
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