The Loft by Marlen Haushofer

The Loft

Marlen Haushofer

On the surface this domestic novel is about the trivialities of the life of a housewife. But beneath her calm exterior is a world full of inner turmoil which, although small in scope, is nonetheless serious to her. Forced into facing her troubled past she looks at her life, her marriage and behind everything is the sense of Austria's own troubled history. Funny and disturbing, I was surprised by how gripped I was by this small, intriguing book.

He watches too much television really, and since he doesn't like watching alone, I also waste a lot of time this way. He hardly notices me, never talks to me either, but wants me to be there in the room with him. Sometimes I read as I sit there, but the dim light is bad for the eyes. Television is also bad for the eyes, for that matter. Basically everything we do is bad for something, and if we were to follow all the advice on the subject the only really healthy activity would be to be dead.
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