School for Scumbags by Danny King

School for Scumbags

Danny King

A kind of lad lit for those with a broad mind – if you don’t mind swearing or crash comments, it will make you laugh aloud. Wayne, a troublesome youth, is sent to a Correctional School with a difference. His fellow cohorts are as ruthless and undisciplined as he is but you just can't help liking them. The ending was, for me, unexpected and tense. A fun and easy read that almost makes me wish I could be a bad 'un at some point in my life.

Gafin was different, though. Gafin was something else.
See, I actually liked being at Gafin. I loved everything about the place, in fact. I know it was meant to be a correctional institution, but we had a fantastic time here. We learned about crime, we drank, we smoked, we swore and we connived like crazy with peers the likes of which none of us had ever know. It was fantastic.
The best thing about the place, though, was the togetherness. Yeah, I know, we were always fighting and ripping each other off and stitching each other up, and everyone was a low-life scumbag, but that was the whole point. What was it that Jabba the Hut said in Return of the Jedi? 'This bounty hunter is my kind of scum, ho ho ho!'
Exactly. And that's just how I felt about my peers at Gafin.
They were my kind of scum.
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