The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind by Jackson Ford

The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind

Jackson Ford

Simple - fun - pacey and suspenseful with a fab ending! Reading this is like wondering if your Pavlova will come out of the oven like it's supposed to - a crisp crust, soft and light inside. A meringue describes Teagan Frost to a tee - a hardball quirky character with a heart of gold and telekinetic powers! Certainly not our usual heroine. Read and enjoy - I, for one, am so glad to learn there's a sequel.

Heat. Close.
Noise. Shouts.
Crawl. Elbow. Elbow. Can't hear. Can't see. Ears ringing.
Tile. Noise. Front door. Crashing open.
Go back. Help. Can't hear. Can't see. Get out. Get out.
Door. Close. Elbow. Elbow. Nearly. Reach.
Footsteps. Running. Closer. Reach.
Gun. Back of neck. Barrel cold. 'Don't move.' Barely hear it. Ringing, Ringing everywhere.
Hands pulled behind. Cable-tied. Gun barrel still on my neck. Blinking, but the world is too bright. Annie swearing. Thud. Reggie screaming.
Arms under my elbows. Pulled up. Guys from the alley? This morning? Come back? Spun around, afterimages glaring. Black. Everywhere black. Black armour, black helmet. White teeth.
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