Lodgers by Nenad Velickovic


Nenad Velickovic

Maja is writing about life with her family and other assorted characters living in the basement of a museum during the siege of Sarajevo. Her teenage wit and sarcasm shine through the troubles, providing an unsentimental and amusing report from the frontline.


The Territorial, who somebody said looked like Tom Cruise, helped Julio carry various boxes and packing cases in and out. In a break, he came into the porter's lodge and asked me what I was writing. Notes in the daily log book, was what I replied. Why hadn't I told him the truth? Because it's quite enough that he should laugh with his fellow fighters over my short sight, there's no need for him also to laugh at my preoccupation with writing a diary-novel-chronicle.

  • The Accidental by Ali Smith
  • Vernon God Little by D B C Pierre

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