Jude in London by Julian Gough

Jude in London

Julian Gough

Suspend your disbelief and hold tight for a surreal dash through 21st century London in the company of Jude, the Irish orphan, and his Salmon of Knowledge. He's on a quest, but it's often his last worry as anything weird can, and does, happen. I laughed at grotesque set-piece parodies, from hedge funds to the Turner prize, and had to stop myself rushing ahead in order to find and enjoy all the jokes. Well, I think I found them all ...

Barney O'Reilly Fitzpatrick McGee greeted me. 'Revolutionary! Destroyer of my Property! Leader of my Workers! Misleader of my Daughter!'
I noticed a small pistol with a long silencer in his right hand. No doubt, as a wealthy American in a room full of impoverished Artists he needed it to protect himself.
'That's me,' I said 'Jude's the name,' and put out my hand.
'Wrestle my gun from me, would you,' said Barney O'Reilly Fitzpatrick McGee.
'Righty-ho,' I said and took a step forward, but before I could oblige he had taken a step back, trodden on the instep of his following friend and, attempting to recover his balance, tripped backwards over Ron Mueck's dead Dad.
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