Little Hands Clapping by Dan Rhodes

Little Hands Clapping

Dan Rhodes

A weird, dark and macabre read with touches of humour and full of strange and extremely quirky characters. At the centre of the story is a bizarre German museum dedicated to the act of suicide which you will not want to visit and an outrageous crime which is not for the fainthearted! A gruesome tale but strangely compelling and lightened to a certain extent by the intertwining of a love story.


The old man had heard nothing, but in the middle of the night he was woken by the familiar sensation of a light, spindly leg on his cold skin. He knew from experience what this meant; that something had happened in the rooms below, something that would need to be dealt with. He felt the spider cross his cheek, then pause for a moment before darting into the hollow of his mouth. As it thrashed around, frantic as it struggled to find a way out, he trapped it with his tongue, and with his back teeth he ground it to a paste.

  • Boxer, Beetle by Ned Beauman
  • Harold & Maude - the film

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