Headcrusher by Alexander Garros and Aleksel Evdokimov


Alexander Garros and Aleksel Evdokimov

Fast, funny, violent, impeccably anti-capitalist; in short THE book for anyone who has ever fantasized about killing their boss - though you'll find it easier to read if you're IT literate.


His listener was sitting with his back to Vadim, the naked back of his head pulled down into his shoulders. Vadim released his grip on the handles of the bundle, adjusted his grasp on the shot-gun and pulled back the breech (the ejected shell-case emitted an audio signal from an adjacent reality).

'By the way.' - the long snout of the shot-gun took aim at the twitching skin of its own accord - ' ... money is just a load of garbage.

  • A Matter of Life and Death by Andrey Kurkov
  • The Insatiable Spider Man by Pedro Gutierrez

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