Rosewater by Tade Thompson


Tade Thompson

Not for the faint-hearted, this is a thrilling, disturbing, bewildering ride. In future Nigeria, aliens, mutants, re-animates and government conspirators move the plot along three timelines. If you like your SF noir as ink, you will love it. If you are squeamish, run a mile!

Suit man looks towards me. His head is abnormally long, and one of his eyeballs is missing, the empty socket gaping like a toothless second mouth. The head is also flattened in a way that accounts for the length, looking like it has been incompletely crushed. The nose is twisted as if the bottom half of his face wants to go one way while the top chooses the other. His left ear hangs by a thin thread of human tissue. Yet with all this there is no bleeding and he is not in obvious pain.
He is three, four feet away, and he charges towards me. When the dome brings a body back to life, sometimes it simply drools. And sometimes, like this guy, it wakes up angry. Scientists haven't worked out what makes them go one way or the other - me, I think it might have to do with temperament, some people being more aggressive than others. Or maybe, like this guy, how they die. He didn't give up the ghost peacefully in his sleep.
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